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CineMe is a monthly film-screening event showcasing the new and the best work of local, national and independent filmmakers.  We also run special events.  Previous events have included Q & A sessions with Directors and Producers, and talks by significant individuals in the film industry about their projects and their experiences.

The Latest on Film Curiosity...

  The Unsettling is exactly as the title describes: it’s unsettling. James Mansell, the Writer and Director, likens it to an urban legend; someone coming home and realising that someone is in their house, though it is not the person they expected it to be.
  That House is seen from the perspective of a woman walking around her old family home, remembering her past and the dark things that happened there.
  Resonate is a short film Olivia McKay has produced/directed as part of her university course and, for her, this is the very beginning of her filmmaking journey with regards to scripted live action.
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