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CineMe is a monthly film-screening event showcasing the new and the best work of local, national and independent filmmakers.  We also run special events.  Previous events have included Q & A sessions with Directors and Producers, and talks by significant individuals in the film industry about their projects and their experiences.

The Latest on Film Curiosity...

  Resonate is a short film Olivia McKay has produced/directed as part of her university course and, for her, this is the very beginning of her filmmaking journey with regards to scripted live action.
Continued from Part One Brooklyn-raised actor Robert Catrini sits eagerly in his home in Los Angeles.
  Painting the picture of an American actor’s career will often be rich with great trials, funny anecdotes, and a true matter-of-factness that comes with the hard-earned success of breaking into the artistic industry in the United States.
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